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Reader Request: Wing Chairs

Reader Elizabeth asked to see some classic wing chairs with straight legs. She has her own fabric but wants to review various frames and styles. Here are a few timeless options priced from roughly $600 to $7,600. (I did take the liberty of throwing in a couple of deviant versions.) In general, for upholstery, wing chairs without skirts require 8 yards for a solid fabric, 9.5 yards for a pattern with a repeat less than 13 inches, and 11 yards for a large-scale print with a repeat ranging from 14 to 27 inches.

Baker's classic Milling Road interpretation


Windsor Smith: traditional and chic

Mecox Gardens offers vintage and new options

Calico Corners

Ballard Designs

George Smith

Shown top above, Tim Clarke selected simple wing chairs for the Gordon residence as seen in House Beautiful, February 2004.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, the Windsor Smith image, to die for. That image made my night. Seleta

Anna Spiro said...

Aside from all of these wonderful Wing Chairs you have posted - I still am completely and utterly in LOVE with Windsor Smith's eat-in kitchen - DIVINE!!

Alkemie said...

Thanks Courtney! I really love wing chairs.

style and grace said...

Hands down, Windsor's kitchen is may all-time fave. I want to copy EVERYTHING!!!! Great post!