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Carolina's Site

Soon I'll change all of the links in my past Carolina Irving-related posts to go directly to her new textile website. In the meantime, here's your connection.

Some of my favorite 100% hemp prints from her line include, "Palermo," above, and "Kandyli," below. The site is still partially under construction but the fabric-obsessed can get a little preview now.

Actually, I love "Andaluz," below, too.

Above, Irving in her Manhattan apartment photographed by Francois Halard for Vogue, October 2006

Click on "Carolina" in the labels below to see images of her beautiful, expertly layered, textile-filled homes.

As noted in the comments here, The Peak of Chic recently visited Hollywood at Home, one location where Irving's textiles are available, and she posted some great images and info.


My Notting Hill said...

Love Kandyli - thanks for the link to her new site.

Style Court said...

You're welcome Notting Hill.

Earlier this week, Peak of Chic posted lovely images of Irving's fabrics hanging in Peter Dunham's shop Hollywood at Home :)