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The Screening Room

Personally I'm a simple den girl, not so much a media room person. But I could easily escape to this cozy-chic Suzanne Rheinstein-designed screening center and watch any of the movies discussed here this week.

Rheinstein's plan for Elle Decor included Bose speakers concealed by library-ish linen covered walls with nailhead-studded grosgrain trim. She included plenty of shelving for books, and backed the Roman shades with blackout material. The antique engraving was meant to swing aside, revealing a custom TV.

(Click image to enlarge.)


Mrs. Blandings said...

I have this room in my file - it was one of the first places that inspired my grosgrain trim obsession. Lovely.

Anna Spiro said...

I am currently working on a media room in a house I am doing and I met with the client yesterday and discussed some very similar things which are on show in this picture -amazing! I talked to her about the possibility of using wing chairs with contrast piping among other things! I have forwarded this post to my client. Great timing!! Thank you!!

Style Court said...

Very cool Anna!

Anonymous said...

style court, this is one of the plans for my den. Bookcases a little taller than this, but all around the room. I really love the depiction of the portrait lamps all around the room and the art sitting against the wall.

Style Court said...

I love the lighting too :)

Easy and Elegant Life said...

Excellent! Finally an idea that would complete our third floor. Absolutely delightful, Mrs. E will flip. Thanks.

Style Court said...

E and E,

Glad it helps!

pve design said...

chic clubby room.
my family would love to escape there.