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This Miles Redd-designed city apartment is a petite 700 square feet with low ceilings. But Redd made it oh-so-appealing with his signature touch of cozy glamour.

Since the space has little woodwork, the decorator went for a seamless quality; he completely enveloped walls and ceilings in a glossy blue (Benjamin Moore's "Faded Denim") and used crisp, dramatic black on baseboards. Black was continued on doors and kitchen cabinets too. Mirrored panels on the black-and-white painted door, above, and a large mirror above the sofa infuse the residence with light.

It's a very Miles Redd thing to go bold with walls -- whether through paint or mirrored surfaces -- but keep big investment furniture classic. Interesting art, often hung salon style, seems to be another "Redd move." I rarely see a Redd-designed home where art isn't a big player.

BTW: The images above are from Benjamin Moore's very affordable little edition, Interior Style. Look for it at your local paint dealer. Another New York apartment done up by Redd (has to be the former diggs of Chassie Post) is featured in the book. Actually quite a few top designers, such as cover boy Steven Gambrel, are included.


Decorno said...

The second photo you feature is such a great reminder of how Redd can either pull out the stops with a really over-the-top room or he can dial it down and still deliver something livable, chic, and even a touch casual. Love him.

Great post - thanks! Hadn't seen that photo before.

Style Court said...

That's a great point about Miles. Well said!

Mrs. Blandings said...

Courtney - I did not know about this book. If we don't get snow, I'm grabbing it tomorrow. You know I "heart" that particular cover boy.

Anonymous said...

This is great, thanks Courtney, I love the black baseboards, looks like a book to have!

The Peak of Chic said...

That particular apt is so crisp and chic! I love how he mixes that gorgeous blue with white and black accents.

katiedid said...

Thanks for the tip Courtney! I (of course) am also a Redd fan, and the book looks like a good resource.

Laura Casey Interiors said...

Courtney- Do you know if the Miles Redd is Palladian Blue? Love that room.

Style Court said...

Hi Laura, I think it's called Faded Denim. Let me know if you need more info.