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Leave Them Hanging

How do some tastemakers pull off a look -- like hanging necklaces or beads on a wall -- that in lesser hands would look way too contrived and cutesy? Here from a few decades ago, a masterful vignette by David Hicks.

Schuyler Samperton's vestibule photographed by Paul Costello for domino, April 2007.

Carolina Irving's distinctive collection photographed by Francois Halard for Vogue, October 2006.

Hicks image copyright dh1970


blah said...

Dear Courtney,

I send you a smile and once again - the pleasure is mine (re the post below).

Might I add this one here is a very innovative post :-)

Where do you come up with such ideas?

I have had handbags hanging on my wall and shoes too for that matter but am yet to try necklaces ;-)

I am inspired.

Kwana said...

You're right. It takes a special hand to pull this look off. It's done beautifully here.

Anonymous said...

Nice examples. Actually, this look isn't difficult to pull off at all. You just hang the necklaces wherever there's a hangable place. I just look for some sort of a knob and go to town. I've hung them from door knobs, built-in cabinet knobs in my dining room and armoire knobs. If your jewelry is pretty and there's lots of it, it works. (Mine is vintage costume jewelry, not precious.) This is an idea I stole from Mary Emmerling. The best thing is, you can enjoy your jewelry when you're not wearing it.

Pigtown*Design said...

I did this in my old house (the one that didn't have brick and rock plaster walls!) and used decorative push pins. It was simple to see what I had and things didn't get tangled.

Brilliant Asylum said...

I love this post. I have yet to find the best way to store my jewelry, but these examples are lovely.

harlen said...

ever since i saw this, i've been looking for coral branches everywhere!!! do you have any suggestions for where i should look?

Style Court said...

Hi Helen,
Anthropologie has had hooks shaped like coral in the past, and for a while I would see branches in gift shops...let me get back to you .