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JA's Bamboo

I think many of us are fans of the Jonathan Adler wallpaper, "Bamboo," used by designer Betsy Burnham in the dining room of Pushing Daisies creator, Bryan Fuller. So I thought you might like to be reminded that this pattern is in stock and available for order. Burnham selected a custom blue but "Bamboo" comes in the standard colors, chocolate, green and silver.

Another great JA geometric wallpaper is "Nixon." Visit Adler's site to see more.

Photography, Barbara Davidson for Los Angeles Times, Adler product images courtesy Jonathan Adler.


annechovie said...

I just love these geometric patterns by Jonathan Adler. His stuff always looks so fresh....and how I love all the color!

SimplyGrove said...

Bamboo is just great! Jonathan's interpretation of it is lovely. Good post!

Style Court said...

Thanks Grove.

I agree with you both. JA's color is so crisp!

Alkemie said...

I really love furniture that has faux bamboo designs. I never imagined it as wallpaper. It's a very neat effect indeed!


Katherine said...

These patterns are great! I also love how you arranged the art in your home. The framed zebras are great! I always wonder about mixing frames, and I am inspired by the different patterns and textures that you chose. The posts featuring your own home and furniture are among my favorites!

Style Court said...

Thanks Katherine! I always feel a little funny sharing those so it's great to get your input.

Erin Gates said...

I have almost the same identical silver bamboo paper in my pantry and it was far cheaper than that! See image here:
I bought it on for $44 a roll!