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In Context III

Last year Burnham Design shared this footstool with us, suggesting how we might use a very tiny remnant of special fabric. What I didn't mention then is that the stool and leopard-pattern rug are also part of the aqua bedroom featured a while back in domino. Betsy Burnham's seriously adventurous mix of prints is in full force here.

Notice too those key components: something black, an animal print, and something vintage (the footstool fabric.) If the fretwork on the white table can be viewed as Chinese-inspired, we can also add something Asian. Kelly Robson, director of Burnham's online service, Instant Space, often sees these elements in fresh but timeless rooms.


beachbungalow8 said...

lucky betsy, i've never run across a client who was THIS easy going.

Pigtown*Design said...

I swear, the bedskirt almost looks like camoflage pattern!

Anonymous said...

Wow, the camo bedskirt is outrageous! I think the lesson to take away here is, the more you add patterns, the less it matters that they "match." I love Betsy's look in the photos you feature. The portfolio on her website is more sedate. I imagine that her clients who opt for this signature clashing look are very special people who "get it." Cote de Texas has a library posted right now that's done in all beige tones, including painted furniture, and as it is the client feels she's really gone out on a limb. Most people hire a decorator so that things WILL match. They want their house to look as if it's be "done." Burnham's look, to the untrained eye, appears to have been just thrown together. I could see how a noveau riche type client who just wanted a 'fancy" house to impress friends with, would probably not go for this type of design.

Style Court said...

Thanks for putting so much thought into your comment! I agree, Betsy has such a distinct approach -- I mean she has her range too, but pattern on pattern is one of her signatures and it takes a client with an eye to appreciate it.

beachbungalow8 said...

well put -you both.