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Simpler Options

For times when you're experiencing decorating overload: a perfectly simple, exotic and chic escape on the island of Lamu as seen in The Bedroom, published by Abbeville Publishing Group, 1995.

See also a great safari chic post by Girl Meets Glamour.


Easy and Elegant Life said...

Minimalist chic. Mosquito nets are hot to sleep under, though. And rarely foolproof.... I tend to stick a foot out seeking a breath of cool air and one of the Chloroquine resistant little invariably .... Well anyway, your post still conjures up a nice daydream this cold winter's day. Thanks

Julie Neill Designs said...

I feel a long and wonderful nap coming on. This is minimal-dreamy.

Topsy Turvy said...

Such a great little book!
Thanks for reminding me to look at it again.

cotedetexas said...