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The Muse

Yesterday's posts skewed toward the feminine, so this morning I needed to inject something masculine. Nothing says gentlemanly more than the late Bill Blass' iconnic chocolate-brown-and-white Connecticut bedroom. Recently, it was the inspiration behind a Hollywood Hills bachelor pad decorated by Mary McDonald.

In the last few years dark rich walls with crisp white trim have become trendy; I think it's interesting to see a seriously timeless room done in this way.

McDonald photos by Robert Trachtenberg for House Beautiful, February 2008.


Mrs. Blandings said...

Courtney - we are cosmically connected as usual. I was just re-reading my HB last night and thinking, "I must find that Blass room." And, here, today with my morning coffee, it is! You were totally rocking the blog yesterday and I missed the whole thing. Loved every entry.

Style Court said...

Thanks Patricia!

katiedid said...

Thanks for the original inspirartion Courtney! It is much simpler and more understated I think. I very much like it! Mary's room is a stunner (as seen on so many blogs of late!), but reminds me more of Ralph Lauren I think.

Easy and Elegant Life said...

Sign me up for either room. They are ones from which I could stride purposefully forth each morning. After my man has done my tie and brushed a stray speck from my lapel, of course...

Masculine, indeed. But nicely so.


PS.., I've really enjoy your "In Context" posts. Eye-opening!

Style Court said...

thanks Easy and Elegant. You paint a vivid picture :)

Sir Fopling Flutter said...

The Bill Blass bedroom is wonderful - simple and elegant.

The McDonald bedroom makes me think of the Chanel aphorism about taking one thing off. There's just a bit too much going on here. The layered rugs, multiple patterned silk cushions, elaborate wall decorations are all just a bit too much. Take away one or two things and it would be a much cleaner look. I would start with the bust of Napoleon on the large white plinth.