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Inspiration from Jen

Last year I was highly inspired by the work of Oregon-based designer, Jen West. She has a great eye and impeccable taste in fabric. For selfish reasons, I recently asked Jen to send me more pics of her vintage Dunbar chairs covered in Robert Kime's "Susani" linen, shown top. (I've got a new project in the works.)

As a bonus, Jen also included images of exquisite turquoise French Opaline -- all of the glassware is Portieux and Vallerysthal -- and her "crazy old French bronze lamps with foo dogs."

This Jen describes as "A good blanc de chine and shell mirror moment."

Above, "A killer pair of Tommi Parzinger for Stiffel lamps. They weigh about a million pounds each," says Jen.

Another of Jen's current fun projects is her daughter's headboard: the designing mom just ordered Schumacher's "Chiang Mai Dragon," above in aquamarine, and plans to pair it with a John Robshaw duvet.

Jim Thompson's "Illusion" pillow. Notes Jen, this fabric appeared on the cover of Elle Décor a while back.

For more information, contact Jen West Design at To learn about Parzinger, see the labels below.


Mrs. Blandings said...

I was just looking at the Chiang Mai Dragon last week - where oh where to use it? Now, another pang of no "girl" room. The Parzinger lamps are beyond beyond.

The Peak of Chic said...

I love all of her vignettes! She has a great eye! I'm looking forward to your new project. :)

Brilliant Asylum said...

I love it all--especially the yellow Jim Thompson zebra pillows. (That Elle cover was a favorite of mine).

I am so curious to see your New Year's projects. I am sure they will be as pretty as all of your others!

kelly robson said...

i absolutely love love love that yellow pillow... i want it!

blah said...

Jim Thopmson is one of my favorite fabric designers - you must visit his old home and the beautiful Jim Thompson shop if you are ever in Bangkok

Alkemie said...

I really love the Opaline glassware and the blanc de chine lamps. Thanks for sharing Courtney!

Anonymous said...

I'm virtually positive those chairs are not by Wormley. I've looked through my Wormley/Dunbar books and there's nothing like them there. The legs especially--just not his style.

Style Court said...

I'll ask Jen if this was an error.

Style Court said...

Jen took the word of a dealer who said they were Edward Wormley for Dunbar. The manufacturer's tag that was on the bottom says:

Vendor: Banner Whitehall Furn Co.
Address: Indianapolis, Ind.
No. 1036 Kind Chair
Cover Bleached Mahogany
Cover furn. #850543/4
Made by Dunbar Furn. Mfg. Co.
Berne, Indiana

Anonymous said...

Interesting; thanks. They may have been made after Wormley stopped designing for Dunbar. There were a few other designers at Dunbar (Roger Sprunger, e.g.).

Style Court said...


Thanks for your attention to detail. I think Jen is contacting the dealer :)

Anonymous said...

If she can get an idea of when the chairs were produced, it might be easier to say if they were designed after Wormley's era.

cotedetexas said...

Jeez, unreal. Anyway - courtney and Jen! hi!!! I have a large collection of blue opaline too!!! I never ever meet anyone who collects it. I need to take a picture and show it off too. Love those chairs regardless of who actually designed them. I guess the tag isn't good enough.

Anonymous said...

Cote: The tag gives the manufacturer, not the designer.

Laura McLaws Helms said...

Those lamps are amazing!

Style Court said...

F.Y.I. design enthusiasts,

Jen's dealer stands by his word that the chairs are Wormley for Dunbar. Jen has no date on a label, so I guess it would take a mid-century expert to say for certain. Interesting!

Anonymous said...

I am fairly certain the lamps, nice as they are, are not a Parzinger design. Tommi Parzinger never did any work for Stiffel. He did design for other companies such as Lightolier, but not Stiffel. It has become a myth over time that he designed for Stiffel but it seems to be just that, a myth.