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Simple Millionare Chairs

I first became aware of Peter Dunham's "How to Marry a Millionaire" chair when Jennifer Garner's lovely garden was featured in Vogue Living. It's a striking rush side chair inspired by one seen in the 1950s film, How to Marry a Millionaire. For those of you lucky enough to be shopping in L.A. this weekend, Dunham sells it in his new store, Hollywood at Home.

Top image is from Elle Decor, March 2008; Second photo by Patrick Demarchelier


Anonymous said...

I love that garden photo : )

Topsy Turvy said...

Love the top image! Peter Dunham has done some of my favorite rooms, esp. the one that first comes up on his website intro. Great blog!

Style Court said...

Thanks Topsy. I love his style too!

cotedetexas said...

Love that skirted table in the top image! ;)