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Fig Leaf

Some of you wanted to see more of Peter Dunham's "Fig Leaf." Here it is in three subtly different colorways. For details on Dunham's textiles, contact his new shop, Hollywood at Home.

A few years ago, Peter Dunham used "Fig Leaf" in a House Beautiful showhouse bathroom. (The bath joined the guest bedroom shown above.)


Anonymous said...

my heart just skipped a beat. {SERIOUSLY}
the sign of a total design dweeb.
you are too good!!!!!

Style Court said...

Glad to help Erika :)

Anonymous said...

GORGEOUS! Thanks for posting this! I'm going to get my @ss over to Hollywood at Home next week, if only for inspiration. (Anything within a 10 blocks of the Pacific Design Center is usually out of my price range.) I love the darling little map on his website.

MABELLE said...

Ooh I LOVE this! It's like a mans version of a floral! But yet it totally appeals to women as well! Can't wait to own a house one day and go to town with fabrics and wallpapers ;)

Mrs. Blandings said...

I have a botanical in my (apple green) kitchen that is just green and white - this reminds me of it. And the sensitivity to do THREE colorways. My kind of guy.

ArchitectDesign™ said...

What a gorgeaus fabric!! I mean this in a positive way but it reminds me of a lot of the fabrics in my grandmas house ( i had a 'hip' grandma LOL ).

Anonymous said...

Love that first bedroom. Any ideas on the identity of the wallpaper? Reminds me of Les Indiennes/Muriel Brandolini.

Style Court said...

All of the fabric on the bed and walls is Dunham's.