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Week in Review

I want to thank each designer who so generously shared with us their personal photos for my stint this week over at design*sponge. Lee's vacation pics from The Parker were especially fun. (Love those red guest room doors.)

And it was a treat to see one of Ruthie's reincarnated chairs in an oh-so-pretty little girl's room. (Here's the before, below.)

A very stylish teen reader, Robyn's daughter Clare, even let me use a personal image in my Friday farewell post.

For me, other images to savor this week were found in Domino's December issue. Just love so much about Amanda Peet's home.

Photography, Coliena Rentmeester

Please visit design*sponge Friday afternoon for the complete wrap-up, and I'll be back here soon with fresh posts.


Anna Spiro said...

I have loved your posts at D*S this week and I can't wait to see your complete wrap-up!

Style Court said...

Oh how sweet Anna! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Courtney, what a great wrap up! Clare was all smiles, and the link to my blog was super nice of you, thank you so much :)

The Peak of Chic said...

I've loved all of your guest blog posts!

Mélanie said...

I'm in love with the green armchair