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Garden Stool Alternative

Among the many terribly chic pieces seen in Markham Roberts' apartment (Domino, December) is a turquoise garden stool. I happen to have one that looks like a cousin, so I thought I'd share the source for Southeastern shoppers: Mandarin Antiques, located in Buckhead at 700 Miami Circle. Mandarin's wares can be very pricey but my little Chinese seat cost hundreds less than the $800 source cited in Domino. (Though mine does look a bit smaller than Markham's.)

Photo, Paul Costello


Brilliant Asylum said...

I never did get my garden stool last year. I am steering Santa toward Mandarin Antiques.

Style Court said...

Hope Santa comes through for you Millie.

cotedetexas said...

I've seen those aqua-ish colored seats around Houston and they are quite pricey, much more so than the usual garden seat. What a great one you have!!!! Love the books too. :)


Things That Inspire said...

What a beautiful garden stool! I saw a similar garden stool in the Gump's catalog fpr $350. However, nothing beats seeing it in person before buying!

Erica said...

Love this stool! The color is dreamy. But I have one more question about something fab I saw on Markham Robert's coffee table and I don't know what it's called: it was a fat round stone with a hollowed out middle that holds matches. I assume the outside is used as a match strike. What are these called?? I've seen them a couple of times before in Domino and other design mags (I seem to recall a similar gorgeous clear glass version of this in another Doming mag spread). I absolutely NEED (ok, really, really want) one and despite my googling, I can't figure out what these babies are called. SOS! (thanks!)

Things That Inspire said...

I am in a posting mood! Check out the semi-antique garden stools (very similar to these) at Lush Life, on East Andrews. They have several that are very tall - they are really pedestals - and they are SO striking.