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Image via Martha Stewart

Swallowtail's holiday windows in San Francisco, via Robyn Pope

Tiffany's Atlanta window

Image of Petah Coyne's work via Cool Hunting

According to Wendy Goodman's book, Tony Duquette, author Danielle Steele commissioned the maximalist designer to do her daughter's lavish debut party. For the occasion, the famous snow scene from Doctor Zhivago was re-created complete with a ballroom within a ballroom, made entirely of French windows. Some of the windows were broken with dead tree branches poking through.

"Snow was everywhere, outside and inside the ballroom, all white and crystalline. Even the votive lights on each table were made to look like shards of ice lighted from within by flame."

Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be an image of the party in the book, and I can't find a good one of the film scene either. (I'd love to hear from someone who has attended a party similar in design.) A few years ago at the High, we had a dramatic installation of Petah Coyne's neo-baroque, incredibly decadent sculptures. Although I doubt it's what she intended, the exhibit made me feel as if I was in the movie.


Anonymous said...

Oh, what a pretty post of frosted.... thanks for including SF.

Style Court said...

Glad you liked it Robyn!

The Peak of Chic said...

Well, unfortunately I have not been to a party like that, but it sounds like it was wonderful!

Style Court said...

Yes, it must have been amazing!

cotedetexas said...

Another one: Joan Rivers' wedding she gave her daughter, long since divorced. It was a Russian winter wedding ala Dr. Zhivago = one of my all time favs btw - the iron!!! that house! the sleighbells!!! - the wedding was filled with birch tree branches irrc. It was gorgeous! Did you ever see pics of it?
And The Lover was on tv the other night. It reminded me of your fun post about oriental themed movies. If you have never seen it and feel romantic, go rent it this weekend. Gorgeous.

Style Court said...

Joni, if that was a Preston Bailey event, yes! I think I may have seen some pics. Thanks for the film tip.