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Flipping Through Elle Decor

In the new January-February issue of Elle Decor, a very glamorous Suzanne Rheinstein and Markham Roberts share their picks for most stunning side tables. Rheinstein is especially enthusiastic about one I just love: a collapsible version of an Indian-style octagonal table with bone inlay, available through Mecox Gardens.

I also want to congratulate Atlanta-based Vagabond Vintage on yet another mention in the magazine. The company's interpretation of an antique birdcage, crafted from recycled metal and sustainably harvested acacia, is featured. Fabulous green color. To purchase, contact Mothology or Providence Antiques.

Remember the birdcage in Miranda Brooks' apartment, as seen in Bright Young Things?

(Her cushion fabric was a sign of "trends" to come too.)


beachbungalow8 said...

it's so funny, i do still love that bright young things book. and people are always pulling it off my table and flipping through it.

it has great references.

cotedetexas said...

I have that same birdcage, mine is old, but not antique and it def. housed birds before = it was a mess to clean up! I can't get over Suzanne - she looks fabulous!

Brilliant Asylum said...

The photo of Miranda Brooks in her garden is one of my favorites in this book. What a luxury.