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Colcha, the Next Suzani?

Handbag from 2006 Kate Spade collection.

Colcha throw as seen in Elle Decor, January-February 2008, photo by Grey Crawford.

Image of headboard spotted at Palmilla from Megan Samuels. Earlier this year, over at design*sponge, the headboard fabric caused a sensation.

Have you noticed these bold embroidered birds popping up more frequently? Colcha, or colcha-inspired, is the term you've probably seen used to identify them. Their heritage is Spanish. And although this colonial style of embroidery is centuries-old, I can't help wondering if it is poised to become trendy.

These days "colcha" is often synonymous with bed covering or wall hanging. But textile enthusiasts may use the word to define a specific embroidery stitch. I've read that the Spanish who developed colcha were probably inspired by flora and fauna seen on East Indian chintz.

Apparently if you are traveling in South America it's easy to find throws or textiles like the ones pictured above.

Update 7.5.08
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Anonymous said...

How about Anthropologie's Lorraine headboard in Sylvan? Similar inspiration I think, and such a lush blue.

Style Court said...

Anon, good point! Maybe the Anthropologie team was inspired by the resort.

Mrs. Blandings said...

I noticed the throw on the bed right away - so appealing.

Anonymous said...

great post!
happy holidays,
xo, frances

beachbungalow8 said...

ok once're a genius. i can always and forever count on you to find something. colcha? who knew. well, actually, i knew YOU'D know.

yes, i'm sure it's the next suzani. you're absolutely right about the trend spotting. and why not, it's graphic, ethnic and elegant.

Style Court said...

Megan, Frances,

Glad you liked this one!


Topsy Turvy said...

Great work! You have some nice sources.

I just did a feature on Lisa Fontanarosa, who reps the Swedish duo, Adam & Viktoria (among other wonderful artists). I included one of their pillows that is very similar to colcha. (They say their inspiration is children's fairy tales.)

Also a fan of Lulu de la Falaise, I especially love her french country house : )

Anonymous said...

Any idea where I could find a similar throw like on the bed? Websites? I'm loving it & want one!

Anonymous said...

I MUST have one or 2 of these colcha throws. Where oh where can they be found?????

Style Court said...

Hi Anon,

Someone told me that Leah over at

found a source. I can't find colcha in her search box but try emailing her :)