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Celebrating with Antony Todd

I was searching through my digital files, looking for a favorite Antony Todd holiday arrangement -- masses of paper whites in a silver bucket -- when these lavishly exotic images from an old Veranda jumped out at me. Unfortunately, I'm not sure which issue I ripped the pages from. Might have been a December feature.

Above, Todd has mixed garland of peonies and rose filled pewter compotes with East Indian silks from Sarajo. Below, the crisper display he put together for Martha Stewart.

Continuing with more decadent images from Veranda. Antony Todd's composition includes Uzbekistani embroidered boots, tassels and Burmese bowls.

All Veranda photography by John M. Hall


The Peak of Chic said...

Wow! I love the exoticism of the Veranda photos, but I also like the clean, classic look of the paperwhites in the silver bucket.

Mrs. Blandings said...

I have had a major crush on Todd since his house was featured in Elle Decor (right?) Those paperwhites look fab.

Brilliant Asylum said...

Are those brussel sprouts and blackberries? Surely I am wrong. Lovely though.

Style Court said...

I'm pretty sure they are. I think the description is on Martha's site.

Anonymous said...

Paperwhites are seriously foul-smelling. Consider yourself warned.

Style Court said...

oh I think the fragrance is subjective--I love them!

beachbungalow8 said...

those boots are cool