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A Whimsical Tree

Here's a relatively inexpensive but dramatic approach to trimming the tree. Decorator Lynn von Kersting covered hers with festive cocktail parasols and colorful starfish. To me, this lighthearted tree looks especially fresh in her stately-yet-cozy living room with its Bennison upholstery and myriad antique textiles.

Quality Shells stocks the multi-colored dyed starfish, and Asian Ideas sells the jumbo drink umbrellas. If you have very few ornaments or simply enjoy doing different style trees from year to year, this is such a fun idea.

Images are from La Strada della Dolce Vita. Lynn von Kersting owns Indigo Seas in L.A.

Kate's Paperie sells Chinese dragon wrapping paper similar to von Kersting's above; pagoda tags are available through Mrs. John L. Strong; ribbon is from M & J Trimming.


The Peak of Chic said...

That is so clever; whimsical too! Gorgeous photo.
PS-Did you hear about H&G folding? I'm in shock!!!

Style Court said...

Wow -- no!

Anna said...

Love the Pagoda stationery from Mrs John L. Strong and that tree looks gorgeous - what a great idea to use the little parasols as decoration!