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Tables for Lindsay

Lindsay asked to see some brightly colored tables. Here's an American 19th-century library table from Laurin Copen Antiques, posted last year. Wouldn't Sister Parish have loved it? She liked freshly painted furniture, she liked cheerful reds, and she often put a glamorous spin on Americana. Those who worked with Sister say she had a knack for taking intense bright colors -- shades like taxicab yellow that frightened most people -- and mixing them with subdued elements so that a room worked as a whole.

Earlier I mentioned that, for me, the red paint here brings out the sculptural quality of the table.

The Jacqui two-drawer console is available in spring-green lacquer through Eboniste.

Another from a past post: decorator Anne Coyle's signature lavender. Photo, Bill Hogan for The Chicago Tribune.

Lorely's Catherine table shown in vermilion lacquer.

Red console available through C. Bell.


Anonymous said...

Love these! It's nice to see painted furniture making such a comeback. Question: What do you think about having more than one painted item in a room? Should they be the same color (let's discount black and white painted stuff) or in the same color family? Or is it okay to have multiple colors in one room? (Assuming they work with the room's color scheme, of course!)

Style Court said...


That's a good question. I'm interested to hear what others say. In general, I think "the rule" would be limit the painted pieces -- say one great red table, or one set of red chairs, but there is always a master who comes along and successfully breaks the rules :)

The Peak of Chic said...

I love all of the pieces you've shown here! Re: the number of painted pieces in a room, I think you could do a few different painted pieces in a room, possibly in different colors, but I think that only one of them (or one set of something) should be "strong"- as in color or size/shape. You could then maybe mix in a small, antique painted piece that is rather faded. That way you don't have multiple pieces competing for dominance. (Don't know if I'm making sense or not!)

Style Court said...

POC's points are really helpful -- makes sense to me!

patricia gray said...

I love the pop of color any one of these tables would bring to a room. The red is a perennial favourite! (like Mrs Parish)

Lindsay said...

Thank you so much for posting this, it is a huge help. I love everything here and now I just cant decide which color I like best.

Thanks again!!

Style Court said...

Good luck Lindsay!

girl meets glamour said...

Great selections Courtney! I love them all!


Style Court said...

thanks kate :)