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Reader Request: Ikat

High-end ikat: Madeline Weinrib pillow as seen in Elle Decor, December 2007.

I just heard from a law student on a tight budget who is searching for economical ikat to cover her dining room chairs. Designer Jen West's Louis XV-style vintage chair, discussed the other day, inspired her. (For upholstery, West used an Uzbekistan ikat robe found on eBay.)

I found some nice long cotton ikat runners for about $28 at Uzbek Craft. Unfortunately the width is 18" -- probably too narrow to cover most chair seats. A decorator I trust told me she had success buying ikat through Yurdan. Since this reader is near Atlanta, I think a trip to Lewis Sheron is worth a try. In the past this fabric emporium has had similar cotton priced around $14 per yard.

Does anyone have some more suggestions?


beachbungalow8 said...

as i've said before you're the goddess warrior of finding all things design.

BUT i will say, i ordered from yurdan two years ago, and never saw my suzani throw. i was charged for it however. when i called their 800 number i only ever got a recording saying they weren't available.

so i caution all, against yurdan.

Anonymous said...

that chair with hot pink & white ikat is absolutely gorgeous! total eye candy!

Style Court said...

Megan, thanks for the input. I've heard positive stories, but then yours of course was not good. It's nice to let readers know.

Jane Flanagan said...

Thanks for the Uzbek Craft link! Some intriguing stuff at very reasonable prices.

Mélanie said...

So funny , I was looking for your address blog to make a link in my oriental post and I read again your passion for ikat , suzani ....
I bought some ikat on ebay . it is gorgeous . i don't have any picture but I will soon

Cote de Texas said...

Megan like I told Court - I've bought from Yurdan on at least three different occcasions and they have delivered what they said they would, pretty much on time - you'll wait about a month for less for an order. Never been disappointed yet. In fact, there was an issue with something that was back ordered and I swear they were wonderful about it. So, go figure!