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International Flair

Just in at C. Bell: contemporary Chinese bamboo furniture with fretwork that resembles this chair designed by 18th-century father and son furniture manufacturers, William and John Linnell.

Image courtesy V & A museum.

And speaking of international chic: adventurous spirit, talented writer and the brains behind My Marrakesh, Maryam, is up for a well-deserved 2007 Annual Blog Award. (Maryam focuses on design and style.) If you would like to vote, click here.


Anna said...

Love the stools and I agree what a talent Maryam is!! XAnna

Mélanie said...

I've already voted for Maryam !!!

The Peak of Chic said...

Good luck Maryam!

patricia gray said...

I agree with everything you said about Maryam!! My vote is cast.

Yoli said...

Maryam is the best, aside from being a very nice lady.