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Gift Ideas

Two of my favorite lavishly illustrated books would make great gifts for a decorative arts fan: The Majesty of Mughal Decoration and Bright Flowers: Textiles And Ceramics Of Central Asia. I think I've already mentioned Bright Flowers about five times. But it really is a definitive source.

In the volume suzanis (suzan is Farsi for needle and today the term suzani is generically used to describe embroidered textiles of Central Asia) are covered extensively. Traditions of ancient Bukhara are explored along with contemporary craft and commerce.

The Majesty of Mughal Decoration is loaded with gorgeous images -- more than 300. I bought the book on Saturday and have been mesmerized by the intricate jewelry, textiles, carpets and inlaid pieces created by craftsmen of the Mughal and Rajput courts. (And of course the text about varied cultures who contributed to the Mughal aesthetic is highly informative.)

Neither book is for the person who mainly wants to see interiors. However, anyone who is into details will I think appreciate them.

Suzani detail above, silk chain stitch on cotton, is from the Bukhara State Art and Architectural Museum, as seen in Bright Flowers.


Anonymous said...

I bought the Bright Flowers on your recommendation because an actual Suzani has to stay on my wish list, and it is lovely. Its interesting to me how many suzani design elements turn up in Pysanka, the Ukrainian eggs. I got a book on them through Surma, a Ukrainian store in the Bowery several years ago.

Style Court said...

Hi Anon,

Thanks so much for letting me know! Yes, I agree about the eggs :)

theysaywordscanbleed said...

this is perfect for my West Bremerton florist