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Around the World II

Lovely travel journals available at Charlotte Moss, $60. Kate's Paperie also sells nice options priced under $30.

Images above and below are from Around the World: The Grand Tour in Photo Albums, published by Princeton Architectural Press. Click to see details.

These time-worn pages were found in a 1920s travel album put together by California socialite Vera Talbot to record her global jaunt. Talbot's scrapbook is one of ten featured in Around the World: The Grand Tour in Photo Albums.

Although Talbot's images are grainy, faded and small, I felt a sense of wonder peeking into her album. Without editorializing, she used a wild mix of personal pictures, commercial souvenir photographs and brochures to capture a seriously exotic adventure. Traveling through Siam, Cambodia and Egypt, she witnessed history -- even the recovery of artifacts from King Tut's tomb.

Anonymous but significant stories like this are the focus of Around the World. The authors examine the history of leisure travel and the dawn of personal photography, but primarily they are interested in the magic of armchair travel; the importance of private journals.

I think this book would be a perfect holiday gift for any adventurous spirit.


Brilliant Asylum said...

I immediately put this book on my wish list after you posted it. How cool to have been able to travel in the days before the world opened up to mass tourism. I envy and amire those who did!

I will definitely try one of these travel journals for my next jaunt. They look sturdy--and cute. Great gift idea too.

Style Court said...

Millie, I'd love to see one of your travel albums.

Brilliant Asylum said...

Thanks. Although I have not been anywhere as Vera Talbot has, I have been pretty good about documenting my travels with journals and photos (which are still in boxes from years ago). Perhaps this book will inspire me to organize everything.

patricia gray said...

Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos. Like BA, I too am fascinated by travel in by-gone days before you had to pack all your toiletries in zip lock bags to get through security. And I love the nostalgia of putting travel photos in albums instead of the laptop. Ahh, I guess I am just an old fashioned about some things. I ordered this book on the weekend. Maybe I will be inspired to get some of my old travel photos out of boxes and put into an album.

MABELLE said...

This book looks SO fascinating!! I definitely just added it to my Christmas wish list :)

Rachel Mallon said...

Beautiful and very inspiring photo albums.