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West Wycombe

Recognize this home from films including, The Importance of Being Ernest, What a Girl Wants, and Les Visiteurs? It's West Wycombe, an early 18th-century Palladian house built by Sir Francis Dashwood of Great Britain. I've always been struck by the yellow exterior and thought the estate might make an interesting subject for students researching historic British architecture.

Related reading: Andrea Palladio 1508-1580: Architect Between the Renaissance and Baroque.


Pigtown*Design said...

i have friends who live in high wycombe!

Anonymous said...

Have you ever read: "Ashcombe - The story of a fifteen year lease" by Cecil Beaton? It's his story of his love affair with his English home. This lovely posting reminds me.

Style Court said...

Allison, funny you should mention it! I don't yet have the book but I've been thinking about Ashcombe ever since Peak of Chic linked to the 1stdibs review of Vogue Living. It seems Ashcombe will be included in the new book -- Madonna's and Beaton's.