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Those Spider-Web Chairs Again

In June I posted a pair of 1960s turquoise spider-web chairs from the estate of Tony Duquette. (At the time these were available through Downtown.) More recently I came upon Art Luna's gorgeous site, thanks to a friendly anonymous reader, and spotted the chairs used in a softer outdoor setting, above. Landscape designer Luna and one of my favorite interior designers, Tim Clarke, put together this garden party. You may have seen it featured in In Style's June 2007 issue.

For the record, I don't know if the turquoise chairs Clarke and Luna used are Duquette's or just a very similar pair. I don't have the resource pages from the magazine.


Brilliant Asylum said...

Wow--the Art Luna site is breathtaking. I did not realize he did the orchid slathouse from Veranda a while back. I am looking forward to seeing the projects when they are up. This In Style spread is beautiful too.

Anonymous said...

Courtney I so enjoyed looking at Art Luna's garden design site. Thanks for that! Great photgraph too!

Lewis Trimble said...

The design in the back of these is called "cracked ice" or "broken ice" it's a traditional chinese design.