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Small Gifts from Mrs. John L. Strong

A few years ago, my friend Carson and I implemented a strict "small gifts" policy, requiring each other to exchange very modestly priced but special holiday presents. If you do something similar, here are ideas for the recipient who covets Mrs. John L. Strong's legendary hand-engraved stationery. All cost $25: sets of five bookmarks -- I especially like the Japanese umbrella motif; beribboned engraved pagoda gift tags, also sold in sets of five; and one solid brass rule.

If price isn't an issue, above are a couple of faves: elephant card with envelope lined in brightly colored Indian tree-of-life pattern. $95 for 20 cards and envelopes; chinoiserie box containing three tablets with images of pagodas. $98.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the bookmarks! A great gift for coworkers etc. These are really great, thanks!

Style Court said...

Bill, thanks for visiting!

Brilliant Asylum said...

These are perfect present ideas--a classic little something for the giftee who has everything.

I love the umbrella theme you have going this week.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for ideas, I get a box of Mrs. Strong's for my Mother in law every year, love all of it. :)

Anonymous said...

Suzanne Rheinstein now carries Mrs. John L. Strong at Hollyhock in West Hollywood--wonderful selection!

The Peak of Chic said...

I didn't realize how affordable the bookmarks are. You're making me strongly consider getting some.

Anonymous said...

how do to use turk motif ?
thanks sharing..

forever winx

Style Court said...

Hi Apsu,

I wanted to reply but was not quite sure what you meant by "Turk motif" -- something from a past post?