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Safari Museum

Shown above is Osa Johnson; photo via Beuller Designs, copyright belongs to

Johnson's 1940 book, I Married Adventure, used so nicely by Rayman Boozer in a tablescape for Essence.

Did you know there is a Martin and Osa Johnson museum? Today a friendly reader, Patrick, told me about the Safari Museum located in Chanute, Kansas. With all my posts on Osa Johnson's seen-everywhere zebra-covered book, I had to share this.

On view at the Museum are many artifacts from the Johnson's adventures. But even more interesting, I'm told, is the exhibition of commercial items Osa marketed after her adventures: toy stuffed African animals and accompanying children's books, for example. It seems she was a serious entrepreneur. Today the museum shop sells the Johnson's movie posters, and not surprisingly a wide array of books.

Speaking of safari chic, Rayman Boozer's natural seashell napkin rings are really from the Philippines, but I think the leopard-like spots give them an African vibe. About 3" wide. $6.


Anna Spiro said...

Because of your posts I recently purchased my own copy of the book via Lynn at Paris Hotel Boutique. It's great and I plan to read it over the Christmas holidays! I can't wait to use it in a tablescape in my new house! Thanks for inspiring me to purchase the book Courtney!

Style Court said...

Anna, I'm so glad! Lynn is the best. Can't wait to see your tablescape.

Jane Flanagan said...

I just bought a copy yesterday too - thanks to your post! I'd love to visit the museum. The more about Osa Johnson the more I like her!

Style Court said...

Jane, thanks for letting me know :)

Mrs. Blandings said...

Courtney - I used to drive through Chanute several times a year between Tulsa (my home town) and KU. Not once do I remember a sign for a Safari Museum.

Style Court said...

Hmmm....there is a picture of the building on the website. Interesting that you never saw a sign :)