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Reader Request: Chiang Mai Dragon

Chiang Mai Dragon, multi

Chiang Mai Dragon, blue-green

Chiang Mai Dragon, reds

Chiang Mai Dragon, duck-egg-blue

Today I received one of my most intriguing requests to date: a reader is searching for an image of a room with white bookshelves behind a chair upholstered in Schumacher's stylized Asian floral linen, "Chiang Mai Dragon." Ring any bells? Looks like I'll be searching for a while but in the meantime here are some samples of the 1920s-inspired print. eBay UK seems to be a good source for remnants. (Links provided above.)


The Peak of Chic said...

Courtney- I think this is the image from a recent "O Home"- I think the issue with the Charlotte Moss Townhouse bedroom on the cover. I believe it was in an article about four designers designing a blank white apartment, or something like that. Unfortunately, I threw this issue out :(

Style Court said...

Oh ok thanks for clarifying Jennifer!

Anonymous said...

here's a pic on this blog!

JunkyMonkey said...

Just saw this design in at Seabrook Decorating Center (USA Memphis Tn). It is in a wallpaper book by Schumacher called Silk Road Sojourn. Very double roll is $576.00 US dollars, too rich for me!