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Ralph Lauren Release

Measuring about 16" x 13" and laden with nearly 500 pages, Ralph Lauren makes my old art history text books look small. If I had exercised a little restraint and waited until December, this lavish book would have been an amazing thing to pour over on Christmas day.

All of those sumptuous ad campaigns from the 1980s are here -- the English country estates and my personal favorite, the Safari pictures. Apparently the Safari campaign was shot a year before the release of Out of Africa. If anything the Lauren ads seem to have been inspired by Osa Johnson's I Married Adventure.

Ralph Lauren does not feature as many images of Lauren's homes as I had hoped, and it is packed with photos of the designer. But for any fan of the Lauren aesthetic it is irresistible.


The Peak of Chic said...

I may be asking for this for Christmas- looks like a good one. I do know that a Lauren home is in the new Architectural Digest book, in case you're interested.

Style Court said...

thanks Jennifer -- my head is swimming with all the books and special issue magazines!

annechovie said...

Looks like a "three-hour-tour" book. I will have to check it out. Anything that documents Ralph and his style over the years is really documenting a part of American History. Because of his vast influence over fashion, home decor and American culture, Polo/Ralph Lauren represents America. He is THE iconic American designer and Polo is the representation of American style to the world, really.