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Purple Reign

Ralph Lauren has always had a way with purples -- especially mixed with greens in beautiful plaid blankets. Above, is a vintage RL ad; below, his wool blanket currently available in aqua, green and grape.

Madeline Weinrib's "Iris Luce" Ikat pillow.

Soft purples combined with green in a wool throw from Carolyne Roehm.

19th-century purple transfer ware plate from Gray Morell.

When I was about six, counting the days until Christmas, I noticed how purple advent candles looked beautiful mixed with dark evergreens. It was the first time full-on grape ever really appealed to me. Today I admire how others use the color, but plums aren't what I first gravitate to.

Having said that, I love the spirit of this line from Ruthie Sommers, "I play ball with all colors." And it can be fun to participate in a trend. So, I've been playing with purple, in tablescapes, on the smallest scale: jewelry in a dish, fresh flowers, books. In addition to lime-green, tiny hits of grape compliment yellow, aqua and chocolate.

Above, Late 19th-century Chinese vases decorated with teal-blue, yellow, green, purple and white.

(A reminder: Ralph Lauren, a new book from Rizzoli celebrating the designer's forty-year career with over 700 images, is scheduled to be released very soon.)


Anonymous said...

Purple is the color of our front door in SF. Love the RL blanket in the vintage pic you posted.

The Peak of Chic said...

I think you're quite right about purple looking great with greens, aquas, reds. I like to go a shade deeper into aubergine territory- that's my favorite!

Washington Cube said...

I tried on a burgundy Ralph Lauren top this past weekend...very similar to what's shown in your photograph: velvet, but with tiny buttons down the was the buttons that made it so unique. Obviously something he returns to.

I would love to have that Carolyne Roehm throw on the left as a muffler.

The blogger Toast and Tables just did a recent piece on purple stemware. It must be in the air.

Style Court said...

Washington Cube,

The top sounds beautiful! Thanks for the link.

Suzy said...

Great post, it's great seeing more purple out there, it is fabulous in most shades looks great with so many other colours.

Style Court said...

Glad you liked this one Suzy!

ArchitectDesign™ said...

Purple is such a great fall color. I think the great thing about RL is that even though that ad is vintage -it's timeless -it could be a current ad!
PS: Those 2 vases at the end of your post are BEAUTIFUL!

Style Court said...

Be the Change,

I totally agree about RL :)

Anonymous said...

I like purple in every hue and shades, go more for aubergine. I wonder why people are little wary to experiment with this colour?
A deep purple silk saree is a must have for a lot of Indian girls, I think!

girl meets glamour said...

Love all the inspiring purple pieces...I've never been a purple person, but it's growing on me...lot's of p words in this comment, couldn't help it :)