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Mongiardino Revival?

Renzo Mongiardino is not as widely known as icon David Hicks, but the Italian architect and interior designer also created some very swinging 60s pads; notably Lee Radziwill's exotic, heavily patterned London drawing room. Theatrical and classic are words commonly used to describe his work. As soon as I saw Margaret Russell's lush tables today at Dining By Design, I thought of Mongiardino.

Isnik-inspired fabrics by Mehmet and Dimonah Iskel were, to me, the stars of Russell's tented vignette. Other global-chic details included: napkins from Les Indiennes; Damasco collection plates through Pepa G Imports; lanterns by Imports from Marrakesh; and chargers from Centrum.

For more credits, click the image below to enlarge.

I'll be back with a better taste of the widely varied tables on view at DBD, Atlanta 2007. But in the meantime, here is one of the most lighthearted concepts. (Millie, notice the critters.)

Camping-chic by Sandy Thigpen and Design Within Reach for Edelman. Please click all photos for a better view.

BTW: Hats-off to Margaret Russell and DIFFA for organizing such a fabulous event. Guests were well treated and definitely not underwhelmed.


LallaLydia said...

You're right about those Iznik fabrics, they're sumptuous. But WHERE is that chandelier from? I love it -the geometry and filtered light are elegant, versatile and yet it's entirely unexpected.

Brilliant Asylum said...

Oh my gosh--are those jack-a-lopes? How funny. All of these table settings are amazing. Thanks for sharing your photos. I am going to spend a good deal of time studying these.