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Janet's Find: End Papers

Vintage 19th-century marbled paper, Dahlia pattern

Vintage 19th-century marbled paper, gold vein overprinted on Turkish pattern

Janet Blyberg has posted the most amazing discovery: an online database of exquisite marbled papers at the University of Washington Libraries. (Papers used in old-school book-binding.)

The images are incredibly vivid, considering the age of the papers, and the information is highly detailed. It's quite a resource.

As I understand it, when Rizzoli recently published a facsimile of Edith Wharton's 1897 classic, The Decoration of Houses, the original book's marbled end papers served as inspiration for the 21st-century cover.

BTW: After publishing this post, I tried to recall if domino mentioned the database in a past issue -- a past marbled paper story. Does anyone else remember that? 

Top two images via the University of Washington Libraries


The Peak of Chic said...

Courtney, if this was in Domino I missed it, so thank you (and thanks to Janet) for mentioning it!

Paul Pincus said...

Courtney: The Dahlia pattern end paper is too extraordinary. I found myself just staring at if it were a window into some otherworld. Thank you!

Style Court said...

I just have this strange memory about marbled papers in the magazine and thought I should mention it in case they included the library collection--but I'm not sure either way :)

Style Court said...

Paul, glad you liked this one!

Pigtown*Design said...

I have tried this a couple of times and it's fascinating the patterns that emerge. It's very hard to get good ones.

Anonymous said...

speaking of domino, do you recall some ginger jars they featured...brightly colored...maybe yellow? purple? can't recall. were they in miles redd's assistant's apartment? i'm trying to source some if you have any ideas. thanks.

Style Court said...

I'll look back at those photos of Nick's place :)

Janet said...

Courtney, I am so glad you liked the link ~ and so sweet to mention it! There are so many great online resources like that. In fact, there are a couple other great ones which I will try to mention in the next couple days.

Style Court said...

Janet, looking foward to it.