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Okay, I realize some of you may be experiencing a bit of fabulous-new-book-overload. But today I received from Hollyhock a lovely invitation to celebrate Sandy Hill's Fandango. So I have to share a few more links. If someone on your holiday list loves to entertain, this book is worth a look. Lush, my my overly used adjective, is the word that comes to mind. For more visit Fandango the Book.


Anna Spiro said...

This looks gorgeous - the table setting is devine! Thanks so much for sharing!

Brilliant Asylum said...

Seriously. There are so many great new books out this week!

I love the simplicity of the canopy in the picnic photo.

Sarah Dennis said...

You know I CAN'T WAIT!!! I'm preordering through Amazon ASAP!!!

Anonymous said...

What a great book...will head to amazon next. I love the tickings below!