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An Essential: Chairs by Florence de Dampierre

Some think the study of decorative arts is frivolous but, depending on how it is examined, a pretty Louis XV chair be enlightening. Furniture historian Florence de Dampierre proves this with her epic, Chairs: A History, published a year ago this month.

Using chairs as a jumping off point, she takes readers on a journey through world history, from ancient Egypt, Africa and China to present day. Every type of chair or stool ever known seems to be covered. I think Dampierre researched the book for about a decade, so it truly is an amazing resource for designers and collectors. What do you think of the chair that made the cover?


Mackenna said...

this book has helped me so much in addition to my textbooks for my history of design class

Brilliant Asylum said...

I love this book--and actually bought it last year after seeing it here on Style Court. Chairs will always be fascinating to me. I think each style sums up an entire movement of design. Know your chairs, and you will be an expert at the history of design--and history in general.