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The Design Library

Image is from WWD, January 2006.

A sort of Eden for designers, The Design Library houses about five million prints and patterns -- documentary fabrics, wallpapers, original paintings, embroideries. Textile connoisseur Susan Meller and her late husband, Herbert Meller, began the repository 30 years ago, and today it boasts the world’s largest collection of its kind.

Susan Meller's book, Textile Designs, is a critically acclaimed resource, but the Design Library also offers CD-ROMs which allow buyers to use any of the designs, for any purpose, royalty-free. Three categories are available: Floral, Geometric, and Conversational/Ethnic/Art Movements & Period Styles. $295 each or $695 for the set.


Suzy said...

Sounds like a great resource, thanks for sharing the details!

Jordan Cappella said...

Please lock me in that room!

Brilliant Asylum said...

Looking through the Design Library is so immediately inspires.

BTW, I love your new look.

Style Court said...

thanks millie!!

Anonymous said...

Good morning! I am hoping you can help me with something. There is a pillow in Carolina Irving's apartment that looks like cut velvet with raspberry dots on an ivory background. Any ideas about who makes fabric? Thank you!

Style Court said...

Hi Allison, I'll look it up!