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Chloe Warner

A new designer to love: Chloe Warner. Don't miss the lovely video of her flora-and-fauna filled home. (There's a beautiful feature in Domino's November issue too.)

You'll notice Warner mixes an Urban Outfitters headboard with an abundance of Clarence House's "Flowering Quince," used for curtains and pillows.


Anonymous said...

omg, what an adorable house! love the mix of patterns in the bedroom. i haven't gotten my nov domino yet (my post office sucks big time and they often lose my magazines!). hopefully chloe is in that. if you have any more info on her, please do tell. i want to see more! (especially since the video is not very high quality, at least not on my browser)

Style Court said...

The Domino feature is on Chloe's web site. Links included in post here. Enjoy!

ALL THE BEST said...

Nice post on Chloe, I've been following her work and I think she is one to watch!!