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1920s French Florals

I've posted my hand-printed 1920s wallpaper sample before but the picture quality was poor and I think it became buried among other posts. The dealer who found it believes it is French. To me, some of its abstract blossoms look vaguely like the flowers below in the Atelier Martine cotton, also French 1920s and one of textile specialist Cora Ginsburg's current offerings.

Image © Cora Ginsburg.

On her site Ginsburg explains that Atelier Martine was begun by couturier Paul Poiret as an innovative decorative arts school for young girls. Nature informed most of their work, which was intended to be used in modern interiors. The students' bold, joyful paintings often were reproduced as textiles, such as this wood-block printed cotton.


The Peak of Chic said...

I love your framed wallpaper sample. Très charmant!

Style Court said...

merci jennifer :)