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Vintage Gucci for Home

Home accessories designed in past decades by Gucci have become quite collectible. The 1960s Italian red-leather desk set shown top is available through Orange, and the 1950s bamboo frame, which resembles the handles on Gucci's iconic handbags, is available through Branded Luxury.

Above is a set of six 1970s silver-leaf drinking goblets in the form of rhinos, available through Montaperto. And below, a fun Paris Hotel Boutique find that sold immediately for $175, before I could post it: Gucci's 1970s equestrian hunting goblet in silverplate.


Unknown said...

The silver-leaf drinking goblets are my all time favourite.

The Peak of Chic said...

I've always been on the lookout for vintage Gucci pieces but have not been successful (they're usually quite expensive!).

Style Court said...

Jennifer, I know :(

bed frames said...

My father has this very rare collection of vintage item. But I never saw all items that you post. I am sure that he will going to be interested in this blog.