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Seacloth Chair

Image from House Beautiful, October 2007.

This Louis XVI chair covered in Seacloth's contemporary "Gypsy Bloom," in saffron, reminds me of Herbert Ypma's words in The Paris Interior. He says the chairs associated with France's last two kings (Louis XV and XVI) are "possibly the most successful pieces in the entire history of furniture design..." These adaptable chairs never seem to go out of style, becoming even more chic as the centuries pass.


The Peak of Chic said...

I like how the chair makes this fun fabric more sophisticated and in some ways serious (a good thing!).

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous chair :)

Anna Spiro said...

Beautiful fabric and beautiful chair!! I have just received sampling of the entire seacloth range for Black & Spiro and I can't wait to use it. I am considering a special Summer Christmas window using some of the Seacloth fabrics and as nobody else does Seacloth here I am hoping it will be very special and unique!

annechovie said...

Oh, I lov the chair AND the fabric! I think Seacloth is incredible. Love their patterns and colors.