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The Kindness of Strangers

Above, an alternative to taxidermy: the Irving family dog immortalized in 3D white cut paper by a woman in Paris.

Above, Carolina Irving's dining table is draped with a Turkish suzani; the amazing Italian beaded chandelier is circa 1930s. (Click to enlarge.)

Photography by Simon Upton for World of Interiors.

When I spot a special World of Interiors issue, I buy it, but currently I don't have a subscription. So I'm very grateful to friendly reader Gretchen for urging me to get to Barnes & Noble and grab September's issue. The home of Vogue style editor, and textile designer, Carolina Irving is on the cover.

If you're a fan of her layered Anglo-influenced style, this is a must see: ten pages are devoted to the pattern-filled Manhattan apartment she shares with her antique dealer husband and children. The spread is similar to the recent coverage in Vogue, October 2006, but on this go-round Irving's own textiles appear in spots throughout the home.

Above, again, that's a cut-paper portrait, not taxidermy.

BTW: For those of you missed this a few months ago, a detailed video of Irving's apartment is featured on a French site called Interieurs. Here's the link: "Chez Carolina." Registration is required to view the video and the site is entirely in French.


Mrs. Blandings said...

Courtney - we are soul sisters - I don't subscribe either, but picked this up in the airport. This article is worth the price of admission - and I love the dog.

Style Court said...

Mrs. Blandings,

So nice to hear from someone who loves the feature as much as I do! Isn't the place amazing?

Unknown said...

This is my favorite magazine. I have some copies from the eighties and they are magnificent..they show more timeworn, collected interiors. I'm off for the new copy.

Style Court said...


how wonderful to have copies from the 80s!

The Peak of Chic said...

I think we must all be on the same wavelength! I just bought this today at B&N and cannot wait to crawl into bed and read it tonight!

ArchitectDesign™ said...

I just recently subscribed to Interiors and it really has become my favorite magazine. My office is getting rid of the past 10 years worth of issues in clearing out our library and I'm debating making room for them at home or not! My clutter says no but my head says YES!!

Style Court said...

Be the Change,

Wow sounds hard to pass up!

Anonymous said...

I adore this magazine, it's my absolute favorite.

Carolina's apartment is divine! In fact, her apartment is how I first stumbled upon your blog. Months ago I googled her name in an attempt to find more pics of her apt. and your blog came up! I've been hooked ever since ;-) Any more pics of her homes or work would be greatly appreciated. Also, I understand that Vogue Living is starting up again, but I haven't seen it in any stores. Has anyone seen it yet?

Style Court said...

Opera Glass,

Great to hear from you! Did you see the link to the video of her home?

I don't have a copy of Vogue Living Fall 2007 yet either.

Anonymous said...

I saw the video, it's amazing!! That site is such a great resource and there are so many interesting spaces on there!!

I hope Vogue Living will be out soon; I can't wait!