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Inspired Use of Chinese Panels

This Tom Scheerer-designed bedroom above, with headboards made from Chinese wall panels and bed draperies made from Indian textiles, directly inspired Barrie Benson's room below.

Second photo above by Laura Resen, as seen in Domino, February 2007.

Below are those similar vintage panels that I mentioned earlier, available through Mandarin on Miami Circle, in Atlanta. As long as the panels aren't museum quality, I think they could be lacquered a different color.

Below, Chinese panels painted vibrant green in the KWID bungalow, as seen in Modern Glamour: The Art of Unexpected Style.


cotedetexas said...

Courtney, save the trouble to find that Domino issue - is that bedroom copied intentionally - credit give, as in - do this bedroom cheaper - or something like that? Otherwise, gee, that takes some nerve to publish it. Let me know before I continue to have bad thoughts!! haha Either way, I do love them both, actualy Barrie's bedside table is much preferred.


Style Court said...

Hey Joni,

Oh yes, Barrie totally credits Tom :)

The Peak of Chic said...

I love this sumptuous use of fabrics (both in Benson and Scheerer's rooms). Are you thinking about trying it in your guest room???? That would be fun!

Style Court said...

Jennifer, the thought has crossed my mind :) But now I'm so inspired by the "sisters'" bedrooms you shared from Domino too!

Mrs. Blandings said...

This is a great post - we have a couple of spots here that sell Asian pieces at reasonable prices - a terrific idea.

Style Court said...

thanks Mrs B!

suzannemarques said...

I love how she recreated the bedroom! That is one of my favorite bedrooms ever! I imagine two sisters jumping up and down on the beds - the photo and design always makes me happy.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where I could find similar bedspreads to the ones used? Thanks!

Style Court said...

hi kim,

try or for fabric.

good luck!