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Chic Is Where You Find It

Above, this supple citron bag from Coach, with iconic brass turnlocks, reflects Bonnie Cashin's legacy.

Recently, Brilliant Asylum has been posting some amazing walk-in-closets and dressing rooms that rival the chicest shops. So, I thought it would be fun to re-post these images of Bonnie Cashin's boutique-style closet, featured in House and Garden, July 1969. Cashin, a fashion designer best known for her Coach accessories in the 1960s, believed that everyone should have a "boutique" in their own home with "colors erupting in a barely controlled riot." There is a nice online exhibition of her work, "Chic is Where You Find It" at the UCLA Library.

Above, Charlotte Moss included Cashin's famous quote, "Chic is where you find it," in a collection of inspired notepads.


annechovie said...

I love these extraordinary old photos, Courtney! Bonnie had a seriously gorgeous closet. All those colors are sure to inspire anyone. Love the classic retro style from the 60's - very cool!

Brilliant Asylum said...

Now this is the Coach we know and love (enough with the "C" logos already).

Beautiful dressing room! This is truly a live/work/play environment by a woman clearly ahead of her time. Thanks for posting this fabulous room (and for the nice mention).

Style Court said...

Anne, BA,

Today Coach's 60s-inspired Bleeker collection launches online. The bling is gone! Coach can do the yummiest colors and supple textures when they stay away from those Cs'.

Habitually Chic said...

That's so funny, I bought those note pads when I was shopping at Charlotte Moss and then she gave me more after I met with her. I love that she created them. They really are inspiring quotes from some really inspiring women!

franki durbin said...

two things.. yes, Brilliant Asylum has been torturing me with some very drool-worthy closets. I've always thought my closet was pretty fabulous...but she's making me think it could use some sprucing up. ;)

But on to other fun things... those notepads are adorable. I have a love of inspiring phrases, elements and sayings. And these truly fir the bill. Looks like I may need to place an order with Charlotte Moss :)

The Peak of Chic said...

I love Cashin's spirited point of view! I would love my own "boutique" with erupting colors, but my little boutique is all neutrals :( Perhaps I should introduce some color à la Cashin!

Anonymous said...

What great photos, love the stationary too, I can't wait to go to C. Moss. :)

Unknown said...

Great pictures of Cashin's dressing room and I want the Moss notepads!