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Billy Baldwin Inspired?

I always thought this chair, above, from Domino, September 2005, was another great example of how contemporary patterns work on Louis XV-style chairs. Then the other day, I was flipping through my old out-of-print Billy Baldwin Decorates and spotted the chair shown below.

I wonder if it slightly inspired Domino's editors? The magazine's take is less classic, but there are similarities between the two vignettes: both have a refined French chair, with very graphic upholstery, in a rather earthy masculine setting.


Unknown said...

Everything old is suddenly new again. Funny how that goes. Kind of like recylcing. Pun aside.. the great design Icons like Billy Baldwin continue to inspire.

Anna Spiro said...

Great comparison! Love both fabrics on both chairs also!

Style Court said...

thanks anna!

katiedid said...

The best designers seem to be great forever. These pictures are wonderful.:)

Suzy said...

Both great shots - good pick!

Anonymous said...

I love the bottom photograph, the room is so nice looking.

Anonymous said...

i;ve been obsessed with this fabric on this billy baldwin chair for months. do you know who makes it??? LOVE your blog! i have been reading for over a year! ~meredith

Style Court said...

Hmm...good question Meredith! Let me ask around. (Thanks for the sweet words.)