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Trend Lives On

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Six years ago, I wrote a paper about the centuries-old style phenomenon, chinoiserie (a French term for Asian-inspired design favored in the West). This "Trend Alert" tear sheet, above, from Elle Decor, circa 2000, was inserted to show that Asian influences seemed stronger than ever in the new millennium. Yesterday the page fell out of an old box, and I've been thinking about how chinoiserie has become a bigger craze since the magazine feature first appeared.

More evidence from past posts below: Emma Roig's fresh Kensington dining room, photographed by Simon Upton for Elle Decor, April 2007; Interior design by Blathnaid Behan.

Below, Elle Decor Editor in Chief, Margaret Russell's tables for Dining By Design 2006 to benefit DIFFA.

The turquoise vases used on the tables are available from Jayson Home. The plates are by Robert Dawson for Wedgwood, in the After Willow pattern.

Above, Weego Home sells 17" square pillows made from Florence Broadhurst hand-printed Asian-inspired fabric.

Above, "Bamboo Lattice" gift wrap from Elum.

Above, a Chinese inspired hand-painted porcelain piece, from Mecox Gardens, with dragon motif that measures twenty inches tall and fourteen inches in diameter.

Above, "Folie Chinoise," an overscale French chinoiserie print, on all cotton, part of Suzanne Rheinstein's debut collection of fabrics designed for Lee Jofa, set to launch fall 2007.


katiedid said...

And what a wonderful trend it is! There is such a wonderful mythology and history behind it all I think we are all facinatd with. Love the post!

Suzy said...

So true, chinoiserie seems to be a trend that is not only not fading, but gaining momentum. Having lived in Asia for 5 yrs I understand the fascination, but I wonder what it first was that drove people to have asian motifs in their home, having never been there....I guess its just the idea of something exotic, new and different.

Style Court said...


You nailed it! From what I've read, it was originally the fantasy and the allure of the forbidden city that attracted interest.

Style Court said...

Thanks Katie! I agree about the mythology and wonder :)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post, love all of the fabrics and papers. It'sjust gorgeous.

cotedetexas said...

Courtney = may I ask what did you write the paper for? Was it a class or a publication? So interesting!!! Great post. You truly are into chinoiserie. And, I just can't wait for the toile to come it, it so unbelievably beautiful!!


Style Court said...

Hey Joni,

I know! I'm so crazy about it.

Yes that paper was for a furniture history class.

Pigtown*Design said...

I love Margaret Russell's place setting. The green and blue are brilliant.

girl meets glamour said...

I do hope that chinoiserie is here to stay. This is a lovely collection of images, and I am so very glad you reminded my of weego home pillows because they are so fantastic! Great post Courtney :) Keep us thinking us this wonderful trend!


Style Court said...

Glad you liked this one Kate!

Anonymous said...

Are there wallpapers on the board about chinoiserie or are they all fabrics?
Thanks~ Robyn

Style Court said...


According to Elle Decor's caption, all fabric. I can type out the names for each if you can't make out the words from the image. Try clicking it and see how big it gets. I'll be happy to provide details if you can't read it.

annechovie said...

I am drooling over Emma Roig's dining room. Love it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that, got it! Best~ Robyn