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New Orleans Style

Images from Southern Accents

New Orleans has always been such a diverse, eccentric place. Consequently, there's not one definitive Crescent City look. But there is a common thread: soul. Whether it's a humble Creole cottage or elegant Garden District home, many New Orleans interiors are filled with objects that have great personal meaning to the occupants. Residents also tend to buck the trends, and celebrate the sweet life.

As manager of the culinary antiques store Lucullus, Kerry Moody has acquired an abundance of fine 18th-and 19th century tableware. In his modest home he uses precious porcelain and silver, and Louis XV chairs. I love how his holiday table, above, is set with antique apple-green Vieux Paris soup bowls.

Images from Southern Accents

Above, Virginia Freeman Rowan represents polished New Orleans. In her home, refined European antiques and ball-gown curtains mingle happily with kids and pets. The soft creamy interior shown here is her family room. She prefers neutral backgrounds that never become dated and accommodate a lifetime of collecting.

Above, from Lucullus, a French modernist table cube in the Xavier Pauchard style, circa 1935; along with a set of late 19th century French iron garden chairs, circa 1880.

Photography, Kerri McCaffety, as seen in House Beautiful, January 2005

Above, Thomas Jayne collaborated with Robert Clepper to evoke the feel of a bohemian artist's early 20th century New Orleans apartment in this 350-square-foot French Quarter home. One of the challenges Jayne faced was working with Clapper's vast art collection. As a back-drop, vibrant creole color is used inside and out. The lush courtyard is positively iconic.


Anonymous said...

Wow- another great post Courtney, love it!

The Peak of Chic said...

I think you're absolutely spot on when you say these homes have soul. I love that these houses, esp. the Moody and Clapper homes, have that time-worn kind of look which justs adds to the charm.

Style Court said...

Thanks Robyn :)

Brilliant Asylum said...

Gorgeous. New Orleans style is a source of endless fascination for me. I have always felt slightly gypped for being born in Atlanta instead of New Orleans. Love this post.

Style Court said...


I agree that the Moody and Clapper homes really have that authentic time-worn feel -- it's sort of a different kind of chic.

Style Court said...


I guess the hair frizz factor is even worse in N'Orleans. Kind of hard to imagine more humidity year-round.

Brilliant Asylum said...

Good point. I will play the hand I was dealt.
: )

HOBAC said...

The Clapper house, for me, is perfect - and obviously deeply personal. Love it!

Things That Inspire said...

"She prefers neutral backgrounds that never become dated and accommodate a lifetime of collecting." - Words to live by! Great post.

Style Court said...

thanks sarah, sounds like she is your kind of decorator :)

Janet said...

Thanks for this post. I am headed to New Orleans in a month to see an old friend. Now I am even more excited!