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More Stripes, More Headboards

The Antwerp chair, covered in Kelly Wearstler's "Couture Stripe" in canary-and-black, is still available through Anthropologie. This striped fabric is extremely textural in person. At the moment I'm picturing it on a headboard. (Not necessarily for me, with my existing fabrics, but for someone.)

Photography above, Eric Morin for World of Interiors, December 2006.

Another look I've always liked is Kate and Andy Spade's yellow-striped upholstered headboard, seen on World of Interiors' 25th anniversary cover. With its French-style frame, it could be too fussy, but the crisp white paint and ultra wide stripes make it look almost modern.

Photos above, Jessica Craig-Martin.

When Kate Spade was photographed for House & Garden a few years ago, she propped against a yellow-and-white print headboard. (Click images to enlarge and read captions.)

Photo above, Pieter Estersohn for Elle Decor, June-July 2001.

For his tiny beach house, decorator Todd Romano used a very tailored upholstered headboard with stripes placed on the horizontal.

Always inspiring Nick Olsen, over at Domino, recently talked about the idea of buying Urban Outfitters' economical Regency Headboard, above, just for the cool shape, and recovering it D.I.Y. Be sure to see his post.


The Peak of Chic said...

I like the idea of a striped headboard- quite classic. I do love that Regency headboard- very femme!

beachbungalow8 said...

two thoughts, one, i cannot seem to convince any of my clients with children (which is most of them) that a padded headboard is conventional. they feel that they'd get dirty too quickly. which may be right. i'd like to hear other's thoughts on this.

and i LOVE the idea of redoing the urban headboard. i've been thinking of doing this myslef for awhile.

fun post!

Anonymous said...

Stripes, my favorite! I love the pic of the Todd Romano beach house bedroom. So, so cute. Thanks for the inspiration & great information.
Best~ Robyn

Suzy said...

I LOVE that headboard in Kate Spade's apartment, although the interior in that photo looks different to the World of Interiors spread. And how cute is she?

Style Court said...

Oh just FYI, the photo with Kate in it was taken at a hotel, not her apartment.

girl meets glamour said...

Lovely selections and finds Courtney! I want that yellow striped headboard...and that ottoman too! So inspiring, thank you :)


Habitually Chic said...

Stripes are great but you have to have a VERY good upholsterer! It's easy to hide mistakes in a floral or a print but never stripes.

Also, to beachbungalow8, couldn't you suggest a padded headboard with slipcovers to your clients with kids? You could wash it when it was dirty or change them out as the child grows up and their style changes. Just an idea.

Style Court said...


Glad you liked this one! Always nice to hear :)