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Ikat Again

A house in Normandy, as seen in House Beautiful, April 2004.

When she restored her family's 17th-century French hunting lodge, Sally Perrin somehow managed to keep a bit of that lush "Sun King" feel but loose the ostentation. To me, the ikat curtains look amazing against those sumptuous red walls.

Before she was Editor-in-Chief of Elle Decor, Margaret Russell produced the feature on ikat, above. Click to enlarge and read the captions.

Above, a large ikat throw, proper monogram pillow and Chinese porcelain are all part of the mix in Brazilian architect Sig Bergamin's home. Image is from Elle Decor.

(I read that the book Ikat: Splendid Silks of Central Asia now sells for over $800. Could that be a misprint?)


The Peak of Chic said...

I think the ikat curtains are to die for! So gorgeous against those red walls. Do you have the "Ikat" book? If so, you're lucky!

Style Court said...

Jennifer, no I don't :(

Marissa said...

i love sig bergamin's room. so beautiful!!