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The Iron Age

Above, six Napoleon III French painted iron garden chairs, with star pattern punched in the seats, circa 1850, available through Lucullus.

Above, iron garden chairs used indoors, in a room designed by Jan Showers.

The High has a strong collection of mid-to-late 19th century furniture -- not a period I'm most passionate about -- so when I was a docent there, I challenged myself to become more enthused about the era. Iron garden chairs and tables were pieces I could get into. Polar opposites of heavy, dark, ornate Victorian and Napoleonic furniture, these iron creations are light, airy and fresh. Even a century later.

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Mélanie said...

So funny to read your post . I've writtan about the same topic yesterday . And I've done it again today . I love to mix iron garden's antiques with interior decoration . Those interiors look wonderful

Anonymous said...

I really like these chairs too.

The Peak of Chic said...

I adore those chairs from Lucullus!

Style Court said...

Oh Melanie,

I'll have to take a look!