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Headboard Obsessed

Interior design above, Vesta Fort; photo, Paul Costello for Domino, May 2006..

Here's a quick and simple headboard tip from Mary McDonald, a decorator known for creating glamorous, comfortable beds: when contemplating a custom upholstered piece, McDonald recommends sketching the desired form, in actual size, on craft paper. Next, cut the shape out and tape it to the wall behind the bed for preview. Doing this could help prevent disaster. (Tip appeared in House & Garden, November 2001.)

Above is JBK's circa 1960 White House bedroom, decorated by Sister Parish with headboard covered in, I believe, Dek Tillett daisy print cotton. Image via Elle Decor.


cotedetexas said...

Courtney: there are some great really wild headboards on the Southern Accents web site right now, check it out. I love kate's room the best, old and new. I was on her web site last night and noticed the sheets are gone? I wonder whY??? This coverelet is to die for on her bed. Have you even seen Saladino's half screen that he uses for headboards - very chic. Good luck with your hunting.


Things That Inspire said...

As a fellow headboard obsessed person, I am enjoying your posts!

Style Court said...

Joni, thanks! I'm headed there next. And yes, great point about those Saladino screens! I have his book :)

Style Court said...


I'm glad!

Anonymous said...

How cut is that pink headboard, love the photo.
Thanks :)